ECDI Conference 2018 | 2018 Conference
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2018 Conference

Introduction – Inaugural ECDI Conference 01 March 2018


The Services SETA hosted the inaugural ECDI Conference on 01 March 2018 at the Riversands Incubation Hub on the outskirts of Fourways. The primary purpose of the Conference was to present the JOINT Programme of Action to be designed into products and services to be offered through the ECDI. The JOINT Programme of Action was conceptualised after months of in-depth research, analysis and stakeholder engagement and seeks to close critical supply-side gaps for scaled impact and services to entrepreneurs. Over 1,100 invitations were disseminated to stakeholders with a 68% response rate. A total of 420 delegates actually attended the Conference, 14 organisations exhibited, 50 delegates commented in the video booths and 200 delegates pledged Commitment to Action.


The Services SETA brought the Department of Higher Education and Training and the Department of Small Business Development together in this collaborative and combined effort to JOIN HANDS IN ACTION to promote the national imperative and mandate to build entrepreneurship, businesses and cooperatives in South Africa.


Higher Education and Training was represented by the Deputy Minister Mr Buti Manamela and the Director-General Mr Gwebinkundla Qonde. Small Business Development was represented by the Director-General Professor Edith Vries. The parties pledged commitment to support and partner with the Services SETA in the establishment of the ECDI and the realisation of its Programme of Action.


The Programme of Action presentation covers the why, the how, the insight, the picture, the model, the medium, the flow and the NINE solutions to be designed and tested.


Footage from the Conference in short video format will be posted SOON.


Footage from the Video Booths in short video format will be posted SOON.