ECDI Conference 2018 | Introduction to REGISTER
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Introduction to REGISTER

The Services SETA wants to attract high calibre experts to be appointed as design consultants for the different interventions.

The Services SETA wants to attract a range of stakeholders from different categories of entrepreneurs and, services providers to entrepreneurs, who can facilitate and participate in dialogue to shape and test the design of products and services.


In order to do this we invite you to REGISTER your Action as a prospective supplier and or interested stakeholder. This will provide the team with targeted databases per intervention for disseminating notifications of procurement and dialogue opportunities. Procurement opportunities may include Expresssions of Interest (EOIs), Requests for Quotations and Requests for Proposals. Dialogue invitations may include Focus Groups, Workshops and Engagements.


Anyone may REGISTER their Action. Please complete the contact information as accurately as possible and select as many interventions applicable to your areas of expertise, scope of work and interests. For more information on the interventions, please click this link [Programme of Action Presentation]. Please note that advertisements will also be posted on this webpage and advertised through the media.